Correcting Rejected Timesheets and Expenses

If a contractor has had a timesheet, expense sheet or expense items rejected by a manager or consultant, those items are returned to the worker.

How do I know if my timesheet or expenses have been rejected?

When you log in to RSM InTime , your notification bar will be flashing. It will contain a note that a timesheet or expense item has been rejected.

What happens to rejected items?

Rejected timesheets and expenses are reverted to draft status. So, if you have had a timesheet rejected, it will be returned to you in draft status.

How do I correct and resubmit a rejected item?

  1. From the menu bar, select either Timesheets or Expenses.
    If there are any rejected items, they will be in the drafts list. The drafts link will be in bold and will display the number of draft items.
    Note: Items in the draft list can be both items that you have saved in draft format, as well as rejected items.
  2. Click Drafts.
  3. Select the timesheet, expense sheet, or expense item (depending on which screen you are on), edit the item accordingly and click Submit to resubmit.
    The item is sent to the manager/consultant for authorisation.