SMS Messages Sent from InTime

SMS notifications can be sent from your agency to workers when timesheets are exported and remittances for invoice payment are created. If you are using multi-factor authentication you can also allow users to retrieve their one time passcode via SMS.

We currently only support the TXTLocal SMS provider. If you wish to use this feature, please create your own TXTLocal account and contact the Support team to enable this functionality. We will require the following details to set up SMS messaging on your agency: 

These details can be accessed and updated by admin users for your agency under System Administration > System > SMS Settings

Once the account details have been supplied, we will also require the SMS text you wish to send when timesheets have been exported and the SMS sender name you wish to be used. Our Support team will then configure this on your behalf. 

For SMS message sent to workers for remittances, the text content can be set up under System Administration > Invoicing & Payments > Remittance Options

Setting up Workers for SMS messaging

For a worker to receive SMS notifications, they must have a valid mobile phone number set on their profile and have the SMS Opt-in checkbox selected as shown below. 

If you have InPay integration, the SMS Opt-in setting will be available in InPay and RSM InTime.

Sending SMS Notifications to Workers

When a timesheet is exported, the SMS notification will be automatically sent to the worker. To send a SMS notification for remittances, create a payment batch following the normal process. Once complete, go to Pay > List Payments > click on the relevant payment batch. On the payment batch screen, select the workers you wish to send notification to and click on Send SMS Message to Worker

Using SMS for multi factor authentication

you may have SMS settings applied, but only wish to use this function for reminders and not allow users to retrieve an authentication code. If you do want SMS as an available option, you must tick enable multi factor authentication over SMS within security settings. If you do not tick this option, even with SMS settings enable, the option will not appear for a user to choose.