Payment Applications

RSM InTime provides functionality to accommodate any clients who wish to use payment applications as part of their invoicing process. Payment applications can be submitted and approved within RSM InTime before being invoiced either separately or with other payment applications. This functionality requires the Advanced Billing module to be enabled on your agency, please contact Support team if you would like to use this. 

Setting Up Clients for Payment Applications

Once Payment Applications has been enabled on your agency, you will need to configure your client profiles to enable the payment application process against them. Go to Profiles > Clients and either create or edit an existing client. Under the Advanced tab > Other select Enable Payment Application

Self Billing Clients & Payment Applications

If a client is self billing, you will need to tick the self billing checkbox under the Invoicing tab on the client profile. Where a client is self billing, the client manager will need to provide an invoice number upon approval and the client will need to provide their own invoice to be uploaded into RSM InTime. Where the client is not self billing, no invoice number is required on approval, the RSM InTime client invoice number range will be applied and an RSM InTime invoice will be generated automatically.