Deleting and Bulk Deleting Timesheets

In some situations it may be necessary to delete a number of timesheets.  For example, you may have used a batch timesheet upload and accidentally imported the timesheets into the wrong week.  RSM InTime allows you to delete individual timesheets or you can delete a number of timesheets in a single operation.

Note: You cannot delete timesheets that have already been invoiced.

How do I delete an individual timesheet?

You can only delete a timesheet that is in Draft status.  If the timesheet is in any other status then you must firstly revert the timesheet.  The timesheet is reverted, and a replacement timesheet in Draft status (with a different ID) is automatically created to replace it.  Locate the timesheet you wish to delete and click through to the edit page for the timesheet.  Your screen will look like the below:

Click the Cancel button and the screen will update as below:

Click the Delete button to delete the timesheet.

How do I delete a number of timesheets?

  1. From the menu bar, click Timesheets > Bulk Delete.
  2. Use the search criteria to filter the list of timesheets (for example, you would do this if you are looking for timesheets for a specific worker, or relating to a specific client).
  3. Click Search.
    The list of timesheets is displayed.
  4. In the Delete column, select the timesheets that you want to delete.
  5. Click Delete.

Who Can Delete a Timesheet?

Only Administrators and Consultants with the delete timesheet role can delete timesheets.

Who Can Bulk-Delete Timesheets

Only Administrators with the delete timesheet role.