Holiday Claims Process (InTime Only)

RSM InTime can facilitate a holiday claims process without the requirement for InPay integration. Please contact InTime Support to enable this functionality. 

Making a claim

Holiday claims can be created by contractors or administrator users.

To make a claim as an Administrator go to Profiles > Workers > Edit dropdown > Holiday Claim. To make a claim as a contractor go to Pay > Holiday Claims > Request Holiday.

Enter a date from the Period field and complete the hours required per day on the holiday form. Once complete, click on Submit Holiday Claim. The system can be configured to set minimum and maximum units claimed per day and the increments of units allowed to suit your business needs. 

After the holiday claim has been submitted, the admin user can either Approve or Reject each claim per day. If the claim is rejected, a reason must be provided.

Holiday claims can be cancelled by either the contractor or an admin user if no longer required using the Cancel button under cancel/reject. No reason is needed to cancel a holiday claim. Contractors can search for their own holiday claims using various search criteria. Admin users can search for all holiday claims using various search criteria. Click Show to view details of each claim, accept or reject.