Uploading Employment Costs (Pension & NI)

RSM InTime provides the facility to import employment costs across a range of timesheets. The costs that can be imported are pension contributions and employer's NI contributions. The costs will be pro-rated across the contractor's exported timesheets for a specified date range, with the results included within the margin report. These costs can only be imported onto PAYE workers.

Creating the Data File

In order to use this facility, you will need to generate a spreadsheet containing the contractor's ref code or accounts ref, a range start date, a range end date, the NI contribution for the period and the pension contribution for the period.

Please note: the date range entered relates to the exported date rather than the timesheet period.

The date formats supported are:

  • dd/MM/yyyy (01/01/2015)
  • dd-MM-yy (01-01-15)
  • dd.MM.yyyy (01.01.2015)
  • ddMMyy (010115)
  • dd-MMM-yyyy (01-Jan-2015)
  • dd-MMM-yy (01-Jan-15)

The pension and NI contribution columns should be numeric and not contain any currency symbols. Please note that negative values are not accepted.

A sample file is shown below and can be downloaded here:

Importing the Data

To begin the import you should select Upload Employment Costs from the Batch menu which will take you to the following screen:

You should now copy and paste the date from your spreadsheet, select the worker reference field you are using and click upload. Do not copy the header row if you have it.


Any errors in the file will need to be corrected before the import can take place.  An example showing some errors is shown below.

On successful import, you will be redirected to the home page and a success message will be displayed.

Viewing the Imported Data

The imported data can be view on the margin report.