Exporting Timesheets & Expenses

You can export timesheets and expenses as comma-separated values (CSV) files.

How do I export timesheets and expenses?

  1. From the menu bar, select Timesheets > Export.
  2. Use the search criteria to search for the timesheets and expenses that you want to export.
    The search criteria are optional, but you do need to select at least one of the Payroll/Pay Frequencies options:

  3. Click Search.
    A list of the invoice and export items matching the search criteria is displayed. 
  4. Select the items in the list that you want to export and click Export.
    A message is displayed stating: "The selected sheets are being exported. Please continue using InTime, you will receive a notification when the export has completed."
  5. When the sheets have been exported, you will receive a notification in the Notification Manager at the top of the screen. Click the notification to see the details:

  6. In the notification, click Click Here.
    The files will be downloaded as compressed (zip) files that contain the CSV files.

Export formats

RSM InTime supports a number of formats for exporting timesheets and expenses these are details below. The default export file format is the ALLTimesheetBean2CSVConverter.


The columns in this file format are as follows: Agency,Agency Code,VAT Rate,Sheet Type,TimesheetID,TimesheetID,Week End Date,Consultant Ref,Consultant Firstname,Consultant Lastname,Worker Accounts Ref,Worker Ref,Worker Firstname,Worker Lastname,Submitted Time,Worker Type,Approver Ref,Approver Firstname,Approver Lastname,Approver Type,Approval Time,Client Accounts Ref,Client Ref,Client Name,Sales Nominal Code,Purchase Nominal Code,Client TaxCode,Placement Ref,Job Title,Job Description,Purchase Order Num,Expenses Code,N/A,N/A,N/A,N/A,Rate Name,Rate Period,Pay Rate,Charge Rate,Hours/Units,Timesheet Pay Currency,Expenses Pay Currency

An example of this file format including the column headers is attached below.


This file outputs a CSV file containing a line per Pay Element per timesheet or expense. The following validation rules apply:

  • The worker must have a numeric accounts reference.
  • All rates must be associated to a pay element with a numeric code.
  • Only sheets for PAYE workers will be included.

The file contains  the following columns:

EntityType (always "2")
Worker Accounts Ref
Pay Element Code
Placement Purchase Department
Placement Purchase Cost Centre
Pay Rate

An example file is attached below.

If the export includes the first timesheet for a worker an additional file is also exported including details about the worker. The columns in this file are as follows:

Worker AccountNum
Worker Lastname
Worker Firstname
Address 1
Address 2
Worker Date Of Joining
Worker Date Of Birth
Worker Payroll TaxCode
Worker Department
Cost, always blank
Pay type Hourly or Salary, always "H"
Worker Payment Method
Worker ExternalRef
Emergency start period, always "0"
Location, always blank
Worker National Insurance Number
Worker SortCode
Worker BankAccNum
Worker BankAccName
Prsi_lock, always "N"

An example file is attached below.